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"I am bigger than anything that can happen to me."

-Patrick Fagan


Eric Fagan

From his time spent in corporate America, to serving in the United States Marine Corps, and then working with at risk juveniles, Eric Fagan always found, whether in our families, our place of work, or even in our communities, in order to truly succeed in life, men must have an insatiable drive to live their best life. Eric believes, as leaders in our home, place of work and in our community, it is our responsibility as men to equip ourselves with the knowledge and skills required to successfully navigate and lead ourselves, our family and others to victory in life.


That is why Eric created Rise Up Warrior Coaching for Men. To help men develop a warrior like mindset, train their bodies to sustain the rigors and joys of life, and to help them find and fortify their spiritual connection so that they become the best versions of themselves and to be the man they have been called to be. 

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