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What are you feeding your mind?

As Leaders, whether in our families, work place or even our community, it is always important to remember -- what we put in our minds we put out to our people. In other words, if you are filling your mind with negative information, no matter the source, a negative mindset will soon follow. Garbage in, garbage out.

Give yourself the gift of positivity. Feed your mind with information that motivates you and pushes you to do better and be better. Listen to podcasts like: "Spiritual Development" with Eric Thomas or "The Life Coach" with Brooke Castillo.

Listen to great motivation speakers like: Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, and Tony Robbins.

Find a blog or podcast you can subscribe to. Just keep feeding yourself with the right information.

The simple truth is, a negative mindset leads to mental and physical fatigue, performance deficiencies, and complete burnout.

You owe your family, your colleagues, and yourself the gift of having a positive mindset. Do not waste your time on negative ideas and beliefs. Invest in the revitalization of your mind with positive knowledge.

Eric Fagan

iLEAD: Institute for Leadership Engagement and Development




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